Oracle Cloud at Customer
IaaS, PaaS and SaaS-enterprise class platform

Oracle Cloud at Customer

full functionality of Oracle Cloud services in your Data Center
Oracle Cloud at Customer — service for deployment of productive Oracle cloud infrastructure on the customer's site, in its corporate network
Oracle Cloud at Customer is available in three main options
MODEL 1080


OCPU (Oracle Cloud Processor Unit)



OCPU (Oracle Cloud Processor Unit)



OCPU (Oracle Cloud Processor Unit)

storage system
160 TB NAS
6.4 TB Read Cache; 800 GB Write Cache
Network port
10GbE external ports
Oracle ZS3 Storage Expansion: 48 to 96TB for user data for Database Cloud Service
Provide rapid deployment and migration of applications from Oracle Cloud at Customer. Centralize the management of the entire infrastructure and take into account the requirements of your legislation
Optimized for cloud environments
The solution provides the ability to use any Oracle PaaS and IaaS services, as well as to quickly migrate on-premise applications
Pre-configured templates
The solution already includes virtual machine templates, automated assistants, settings for Applications Unlimited, and application migration scenarios
Unity management interface
The solution provides a single platform for developing, deploying, and managing Oracle and non-Oracle application workloads
Compliance with the law
The ability to use the functionality of the most modern Oracle Cloud services within your own corporate. Data does not leave the company's security counter
On the basis of Oracle Cloud at Customer you can use all IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services available in Oracle Cloud. Computing power, network infrastructure, and storage are included in any configuration
According to the SaaS model
Analytics and BI
Big data collection and analysis
Development and testing
Scaling production systems
Service integration
Additional opportunity
For your convenience, we have collected additional services and offers in a separate section. Oracle Cloud at Customer
Organization of POV/POV
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POC (Proof-of-Concept) or POV (proof-of-value), proof of concept is an opportunity to evaluate the applicability of products and services to real-world tasks. This is a full-fledged pilot project with reliable results to justify the choice and decision-making.
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The Oracle Website
You can learn more about Oracle Cloud at Customer in the relevant section of the Oracle website.

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