billion rubles
Volume of the Russian cloud services market in 2016
(Source FORRESTER, 2017)

28 000

used IaaS (infrastructure as a service) of Russian providers
(Source JSON & Partners research, 2016)

The average savings of companies from migration of platforms and infrastructure into cloud environment

Oracle Cloud Services Advantages

Business can save time and money by using cloud services for new IT-projects.
Flexibility and scalability
Use more resources during peak periods. Turn on and off services, depending on business needs
OpEx VS CapEx
Cloud services and infrastructure do not require large capital investments
Total cost of ownership of the platform now is lower
Pay only for use time or resources without degrade of availability or performance
Decrease development and testing costs
Single environment for developers to create, debug, document, and update code. Test environment is also in the cloud, there is no need to allocate additional on-premise resources
Quick innovation
Increase productivity and reduce costs with comprehensive, open and secure PaaS products that run both in the cloud and on-premises.
Resources for both cloud services and data center
Reduce risks and increase the efficiency of IT projects based on unified and integrated data tools in all scenarios – from local data centers to cloud platforms.

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Now you can independently calculate the cost of infrastructure provided by Oracle Cloud IaaS services. The online calculator provides a comparison of the total (TCO) costs of running a workload in a customer's on-premises data center or Oracle cloud.
Oracle Cloud at Customer
Development, testing and deployment of Oracle cloud applications at the customer's site
Oracle cloud services
These services provide flexibility, speed, and reliability required for enterprise solutions received either from public cloud or from Cloud at Customer.
Cloud Service for moving VMware and KVM workloads to a public cloud without configuration changes
Automated cloud database to support the main types of tasks: from test and development environments to mission-critical applications
Reliable cloud service that allows you to automatically upload and store database backups in the Oracle cloud
Cloud-based development environment with requests tracking, development team management, wiki, Git support, ongoing integration and deployment services
Java application development environment with lots of pre-installed technologies for fast and safe operation
Cloud service for comprehensive monitoring of cloud, on-premises applications and infrastructure components
Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer
All the advantages of Exadata technologies are now available on the basis of cloud services directly in Your data center
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Customers in Russia and CIS using Oracle cloud services